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“When we dare to dream about what we truly desire and set goals in that direction, a powerful shift happens. Life is now lived with greater direction and purpose.”  —Virtues for Life


But what if you don’t know where to start, what you desire, and what goals to set?  Here at Nourishing Journey, LLC we offer variety of consultations to address your physical and nutritional needs for better health and life coaching to help you in your journey regarding career, relationships or whatever you need to clarify.  Here is some brief information about our services.

Detoxification Wellness Consultation
Natural health stands on the belief that the body will heal itself if given the opportunity.  These consultations involve looking at history, nutrition, supplementation, detoxification, exercise and lifestyle habits.  The goal is to meet you where you are, help you create a plan, and to educate you and encourage you on your individual path to holistic wellness.

NJ Practitioner:  Jennifer Palmer

Healing Activation Program (H.A.P.)
This 12 week program is for  those who would like a more individualized plan to address specific issues with moderate to maximum support from your Practitioner.  Due to individual needs, supplements and additional services are not included in price.  Choice between two packages: H.A.P. Basic or H.A.P. Prime.

NJ Practitioner:  Jennifer Palmer


Integrative and Environmental Medicine Specialist
Medical consultation combining traditional and alternative approaches to provide best outcomes for the patients. Medical doctor provides education and the development of a partnership with the patient to best optimize health.

NJ Practitioner: Dr. Letita Short

ZYTO Bio Survery

Some decisions in life can be difficult ones, but decisions about staying healthy should never be difficult.  ZYTO technology bypasses the guess work and allows you to make easy decisions regarding your wellness program.  This is quick and easy and the report is a very helpful tool!

NJ Practitioner:  Jennifer Palmer
Video: How ZYTO scan works
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Certified Life Coaching

Wellness is not only a physical state of being — how we feel about ourselves and our lives is part of wellness, too.  Therefore, Nourishing Journey offers a holistic approach to wellness through life coaching.  Life coaches help clients make decisions and lifestyle changes required to achieve and maintain physical wellness.  But they also address their clients’ satisfaction with various facets of their lives – relationships, career, work/life balance, fitness, weight loss, etc — and work with them collaboratively to create a plan of action that results in meaningful change.

Partner Practitioner:  Diana Blake


Late Cancellation Policy:

Late cancellation is anything less than 24 hour notice.

$25 will be charged for any non-medical missed or late cancel appt.

$50 will be charged for any medical missed or late cancel appt.

NJ Practitioner Price list
* Practitioners employed by Nourishing Journey, LLC

Partner Practitioner Pricelist
* Partner Practitioners are self-employed and rents space at Nourishing Journey, LLC
* Please contact practitioner for his/her price listing.



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