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Toxins are in the air we breathe, the foods we eat, the body care products and cleansers we use, the carpets we play on, the water we drink, the plastics we eat from, and the clothes we wear.  They are everywhere.   Our bodies were never meant process all of these chemicals, and every year, there are more and more to contend with.  The toxins get stored to be dealt with later, wreaking havoc on your health the entire time.

When you do a cleansing or detoxification program, you are giving your digestion a break and at the same time giving high quality nutrition to the body.  This makes the body better able to excrete these toxins as it focuses on cleaning up the body.

Our program takes this one step further, easing much of the stress on the body as it releases toxins.  The program allows the body to perform the clean-up process while toxins are encouraged to be released with colon hydrotherapy, massage, reflexology, energy work, clay packs, footbaths and infrared sauna.  These therapies allow for faster detoxification and ease stress on the body at the same time.

Our Complete Detox

Many people choose to improve their health and well-being with fasting cleanses.  This usually involves drinking only water, juice or following the popular Master Cleanse program.  This is excellent for promoting health, but many find it difficult to follow through with.

There are usually two main difficulties that people come across.  First, it’s all too easy to give up while fasting.  Fasting takes discipline, patience and practice.  Second, detoxing the body can cause a feeling of illness when too many toxins are being released at once.  This is often called a healing crisis and may include problems such as headache, fatigue, mood changes, nausea, and constipation.

Our program provides support to help you stay on track with your fasting program.  At the same time, you are getting therapies that help your body eliminate toxins before they can make you feel ill.  The program is designed to provide support to every aspect of your being during this cleansing process.  To develop individualize detox program designed for your needs, please contact (410) 992-3001 to schedule Wellness Consultation with Jennifer Palmer. 



Description of Individual Detox Services:
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NJ Practitioners: Jennifer Palmer, Rosemary Scavullo Flickinger

Low Level Light Therapy

Low Level Light Therapy is a type of homeopathy that integrates cold laser light with acupoint stimulation. There are 74 protocols programmed into the unit to assist the body with resetting and rebalancing from insults such as sensitivities/allegies, stress or pain, hormonal or environmental issues, and more. BioLight therapy allows the body to detoxify and heal itself much faster.

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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy has an immediate benefit to the large intestine as it removes toxic waste that has built up over time.  It can restore original colon shape, relieve intestinal problems, reduce pressure on nearby organs, remove parasites, assist in weight loss, strengthen the immune system and hydrate the body.  It can also be used as an alternative to cleansing prior to a colonoscopy.  A doctor’s release may be required.  We use an open system and a session lasts about 35-45 minutes.  Our colonic equipment is suitable for those weighing less than 275 pounds only.  Please review the preparation and contraindication list if you are interested prior to scheduling.

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Our Colonic Open-Unit System:  waterlilly
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Ionic Foot Bath
Ionic foot baths are an effective, gentle way to kick start the lymph system and to detoxify the whole body.  Cells throughout the body are energized to release toxins such as heavy metals, acids, cellular debris and other chemicals that have accumulated over time.  Half hour sessions are available.

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Infrared Sauna
Infrared sauna therapy assists the detoxification process by pulling toxins out through the pores of the skin.  It can assist with weight loss, strengthen the immune system, strengthen cardio-vascular system, improve skin conditions, detoxify the body, relieve stress, and relieve pain.  A session lasts about 20 minutes.
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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Lymph Massage is a gentle and effective technique based on scientific research. It has proven effectiveness by stimulating the lymphatic system thereby allowing the body to build connective tissue, enhance immune response, relieve pain, plus sedate and relax the nervous system. This very light and rhythmical massage is used to clear congestion and promote healing of many conditions, including injuries, scar tissue, pre-and post operative care, and inflammatory conditions.

Dr Vodder developed it in the 1930’s using the term MLD or Manual Lymph Drainage and his research has made successful contribution to the incurable condition of lymphedema.

Most everyone can benefit from a lymph massage as it has unique therapeutic benefits unlike any other modality, one doesn’t need an medical condition to reap the benefits of (MLD) a lymph massage

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NJ Practitioners:  Ann Marie O’Lone, Jessica Ruhl, Rosemary Scavullo Flickinger


Hyperbaric Oxygen
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) safely enhances the body’s natural healing process by delivering oxygen under pressure, increasing the oxygen content in the blood and in the cerebral spinal fluid, flooding the tissues with oxygen.  We use an oxygen concentrator and a soft chamber.  Physician release from your doctor is necessary.  Please contact us if you are interested for information.

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