Equipment & Healing Tools

Pure Enema Kit 
Stainless Steel kit with Silicone Tubing
Pure Enema Kit $63.59

PurEnema kit

Stainless Steel Enema Bucket
PurEnema Colon Tube
PurEnema Connector
PurEnema Clamp
PurEnema Hose (2 meters)
PurEnema Rentention tip and nozzle.
All tubing, connectors and nozzles are made from 100% medical grade silicone.
$59.95 + $3.60 (sales tax)
Ionic Body Balancer Ultra Pro System.  
Ionc Body Balancer Ultra Pro

Ionc Body Balancer Ultra Pro

1 Controller unit,
1 ionizing array with cables,
1 user manual,
1 shaker Himalayan Sea Salt,
2 sample packets Emergen-C
$499 + $29.94(tax)
One Pair Genuine Turbo Plates  $40 + $2.40 (sales tax)
One Pair Genuine Turbo Plates

Ionic Balancer Array with cables $149
Ionic Balancer Array with cables

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