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Bob Sima 
1 CD $15.00 plus ($.90 tax)= $15.90

All songs written and composed by
Bob Sima.
Bob Sima 
Thin Little Veil
1 CD $15.00 plus ($.90 tax)= $15.90

Again Bob lives up to his legend.
Great tunes and heart felt lyrics. Must add to anyone’s collection. ~floydoman
Bob Sima 
It's Time
1 CD $15.00 plus ($.90 tax)= $15.90

The album is a
collection of songs, intentions, mantras,
and reveries all supporting the
central theme of a ripeness happening within the consciousness of humanity.
Angela BlueSkies 
Songs of Spirit
1 CD $17.00 plus ($1.02 tax) = $18.02

Sacred songs and mantras that connect to the heart ~ with a pure vocal quality, lush, beautiful harmonies,
and rich instrumentation.
Genre: New Age: Spiritual
Release Date: 2014
Paul R. Scheele - Learning Strategies Corporation 
Ideal Weight
1 CD $29.95 plus ($1.80 tax) = $31.75

Reach and maintain your ideal weight-naturally. Each Paraliminal Session helps you to live to your fullest potential through a unique blend of music, words, and technology.
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