Find Peace of Mind – Simply Be

Do you feel more connected to the world “out there” than to your own inner self and your own inner wisdom? Is your attention always engaged with your computer, your smart phone or the wants and needs of others? Do you fear being alone with your thoughts and feelings and distract yourself constantly?

In our culture, we are so often taught to measure our worth by what we are doing and how busy we are. We are also taught that our negative feelings should be avoided. We are rarely encouraged to just be and allow ourselves to connect with our body and our emotions. However, taking time to simply be is how we touch into the part of us that is greater than our limited ideas of ourselves as individuals who have to do to be okay.

If you feel like you are stuck on a treadmill and you can’t get off, if you are not sleeping well, feeling stressed (due to health issues or life circumstances), are searching for a more conscious connection to the source of your being, God or true nature, or simply want more happiness, contentment and peace in your life, mindfulness meditation can help.

So, what is mindfulness meditation? It is simply the moment-to-moment being with whatever is arising for you without judgment, without getting caught up in the story your mind is telling you. It is an ongoing deepening into this moment, the only moment that you’ll ever have. Being truly present to what is present allows you to tap into inner resources that can transform this moment from something you want to escape from to a place of nurturing and support.

You can get a little taste of it right now. Just for a moment suspend all thought as you look around you. Notice that you don’t need thinking to take in the colors and shapes that come to you through your eyes. It can all be seen in a space of non-judgmental awareness. The red is no better or worse than the green, the round shape no better or worse than the square one. Notice any sounds in the same way, seeing how you don’t need to have an opinion about them to simply hear them.

Now bring you attention to your breath and let is be just as it is while letting your thoughts come and go without attaching to them. If your attention gets caught up in your thinking, gently bring it back to the breath, again and again without judgment. Try this for a few minutes and simply notice what happens.

If you want to learn more, come to one of my Mindfulness Circles here at Nourishing Journey or check out my website at for all of my offerings that can help you bring more peace, acceptance and clarity to your life.

Julie Klopp
Certified Living Inquiries Facilitator

Laughing Matters


A good, hard laugh does more than just make you feel good. It also lowers blood pressure and reduces your level of cortisol, your body’s stress hormone. In addition, laughing increases endorphins, your body’s natural pain killers. Laughing even activates T cells, an important component of your body’s immune system.  And get this — it can even tone your abs!

It’s really not so hard to make yourself laugh.  Have you ever begun laughing just because someone else is laughing even though you had no idea why they were laughing?  This is because laughing is contagious.  So one way to make yourself laugh is to seek out other people who are laughing or even a video of other people laughing.  Or you can look at silly cartoons or caricatures. You can also read a funny book or a comic strip.  Have you ever tried a “stare-down” with another person to see who laughs first?  It doesn’t take long for both people to burst out laughing.  If all else fails, you can just try forcing out a laugh in a physical way — sometimes this is the jumpstart you need to start the laughs rolling.  There doesn’t have to be a reason for the laughter.  Just let it happen.

Of course there are times when a situation we are experiencing is so serious that we need to allow ourselves time to grieve our losses and heal emotionally.  But even then, we may need a “break” from our seriousness.  Humor can be a very effective coping technique that gives our bodies a reprieve from the stress we experience when we encounter difficult times.  And like crying, laughing is cathartic, purging us of emotions that can overwhelm us when suppressed for too long.

So next time things are get too serious, don’t hesitate to lighten up with a good belly laugh.  It’ll do you good!


Diana Blake
Certified Professional Life Coach
New Leaf Coaching, LLC

Write it Out

Even the best relationships are bound to have moments of tension and if we’re not careful, the way we handle these situations can harm what we have worked so hard to achieve. Acknowledging the other person’s feelings in addition to voicing your own can go a long way toward healing a rift.  It’s usually best if you can speak openly and honestly about your feelings face-to-face.  But what if you’re afraid you’ll become too emotional to discuss the situation rationally or you find you are interrupted too often to get your point across?  Try writing a letter!  Letters can be an excellent way to communicate when you’re upset because 1) writing can help you sort through your feelings and clarify them and 2) writing lets you express your point of view without interruption. You can give your letter to the recipient to be read later in a non-stressful environment.  Or you can actually read the letter aloud to the other person, requesting that you not be interrupted until you are finished.  The silent treatment can make matters worse and does not allow the relationship to grow.  Experience the power of the pen!

Diana Blake
Certified Professional Life Coach
New Leaf Coaching, LLC

Creating Change in the New Year

The beginning of the New Year can be an excellent time to make changes in your life!  And resolutions are a great way to get the ball rolling.  Give yourself the very best chance of succeeding with the changes you are seeking with the following tips.

Don’t overwhelm yourself

Though we may want and expect immediate change, we are less likely to succeed with our resolutions if they are dramatic.  Just as habits form over a lifetime, new behaviors will need time to take root.  Start small and set reasonable goals for yourself that you believe you can attain and work your way up.  Think of your goals as seeds that will need time and nourishment to grow! 

Focus on what you want

When we want to change something, we often focus on ridding ourselves of a particular behavior or situation.  But it can be far more motivating to focus on what you want than what you don’t want.  In other words, we simply find it more inspiring to do something positive than to avoid something negative.  For example, instead of trying not to overeat, we can strive to create healthy and satisfying meals.  Instead of trying to stop overspending, we can aim to create a sensible budget and adhere to it.  Focus on the positive and take it from there!

Be specific

According to a recent psychological study, people who are explicit about their resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who aren’t.  Small successes can be strong motivators for us to continue our quest.  But being vague about our resolutions makes our successes vague.  So maximize your feelings of success by being super-specific about what you want to achieve and make sure you recognize and celebrate each and every small success!

Need a little help getting where you want to go?  Consider working with a life coach to create the changes you are seeking!  Learn more at

Have You Tried Cupping?

cuppingHow Cupping Works

Cupping is a practical way to drain fluids and toxins from various areas of the body, break up adhesions and lift and pull connective tissue, increase blood flow to stagnant muscle tissue and sooth the nervous system. Cupping is done by creating negative pressure inside a small one-to two-inch cup (approximately). When the cup is placed on the skin with suction, it pulls the skin up into the cup, and the negative pressure produces its therapeutic results. Practitioners may use a pump or a flame heat to create the suction.

The History of Cupping

Cupping has a long history and was first practiced in China and then in Egypt. From Egypt, cupping was introduced to the Greeks and eventually Europe, and was even used in America in the late 1800s. In fact, breast cupping for lactation dysfunctions has evolved into the breast pump we are familiar with today.  There is an age old tradition of using cupping to improve the physical condition.

Surprising Uses of Cupping

Cupping can be used for fibromyalgia patients, to reduce post-injury scar tissue, for chronic pain and post-surgery adhesions. Cupping is commonly used for bronchitis and asthma. In fact, in the late 1800s and early 1900s, cupping was done regularly in households across the country to treat these conditions, as well as for chest colds and flu.

Furthermore, cupping is used regularly in traditional Chinese medicine for digestive conditions and diarrhea, shoulder pain and frozen shoulder, headaches and migraines, infertility and menstruation problems, colds, acne, insomnia and soft tissue injuries.

Styles of Cupping:

There are two styles of cupping: moving and stationary. To perform moving cupping, oil must be applied to the skin before the cup is placed in order to allow for the cup to slide. Once the cup is placed, the practitioner will glide the cup up or down along the muscle pathway, breaking up adhesions and lengthening tissue by “pulling” it up and along. Stationary cups can be left on the body from 5 – 15 minutes. The stationary cups allow congestion and stagnation to break up and drain through the skin.

Both stationary and moving cupping are an excellent method of draining inflammation from the body by bringing it to the surface so that it can dissipate more readily.

NOTE: Cupping is relatively safe, if done by a trained practitioner, but it may leave dark circles on the surface of the skin as seen on the Olympic athletes in the competitions and even on the red carpet runway on the backs of celebrities. While harmless, these marks can appear quite disturbing. They may take as long a week to clear up

Rosemary is a detox specialist with 25 years of experience beginning with Asian bodywork therapies such as acupressure and shiatsu, she has received certifications in metabolic NAET, lymph massage, colon hydro therapy, to be included in her detox services along with ionic foot bath, and far infra red sauna at Nourishing- Journey.

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