Jennifer Garcia

Jennifer Garcia
Psychic Medium, Spiritual Consultant, Tarot Intuitive & Instructor, Certified Energy Healer and Medical Intuitive
Jennifer offers an array of services that increase wellness through the mind-body-spirit connection. Her mission is to heal, offer guidance and closure so you may live a happier and healthier life.




Services Provided:
  • Spiritual Tarot Consultations convey messages that bring clarity to current issues or challenges and/or closure to unresolved issues. Spiritual Tarot Consultations empower individuals by providing insight and guidance on life transitions and challenges, relationships, careers and more.
    Pricing: 30 min – $50; 60 min – $100; and 90 min – $150.
  • Medium Readings allow individuals to communicate with loved ones in Spirit, Spirit Guides and Angels in a safe and compassionate environment.
    Pricing: 30 minutes – $60; 45 minutes – $90; and  60 minutes – $120
  • Past Life Readings are an opportunity to learn about your various past lives, when and where you lived, how you lived, what talents or characteristics you share from then until
    now and what challenges you faced that may still affect you.  Pricing: 60 minutes – $150
  • Akashic Records Readings are an opportunity to learn about your soul’s journey from past lives, this life and potential future lives. Learn what connects your past, current and future lives, your gifts, talents and abilities, as well as the patterns, beliefs, and misalignments that may be holding you back.  Pricing: 90 minutes – $300
  • Energy Healing is a gentle, yet powerful healing therapy that releases stress, anxiety, negativity & emotional baggage. Jennifer combines Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Aura Healing to help restore you to your optimum health. Jennifer Garcia is a Medical Intuitive so she is able to identify areas of the body that may need Energy Healing or can advise you if further medical assistance may be necessary.
    Pricing: 45 minutes – $75; 75 minutes – $125

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What clients are saying:

“My Spiritual Consultation with Jennifer Garcia was excellent. Her reading of the cards gave me exceptional insight on my relationships with my two teenage sons and great advice on how to improve those relationships. She nailed their personalities. I feel a great amount of peace and confidence moving forward and am very much looking forward to future readings with her.” Lynn B., Ellicott City, Maryland

“Thank you for your reading! I am feeling much better about everything…I really appreciate your help.” Amanda, Columbia, Maryland

“I was guided by Spirit to have a reading by Jennifer Garcia. Spirit does truly work through her. She was highly accurate, and gave me the message that I needed to hear. Thank you Jennifer, your message gave me the “boost” that I needed”. ~ PJ DeMario, Maryland

“I had the pleasure of experiencing some of the services offered by Jennifer Garcia, and I must say I was very pleased. She made me feel very comfortable, as I was very nervous at first. Jennifer respected and acknowledged my spiritual beliefs and the reading I received was right on target. Thank you Jennifer for a pleasant experience.” Anna Shelton, Silver Spring, Maryland

“Try this energy healing I did and it really helped get rid of the nasty energy weighing me down. It’s well worth it! Thank you!” Rebecca Costin, Baltimore, Maryland

“Thank you again for the wonderful energy healing today! I look forward to meeting with you again in the future. You are truly gifted.” – Paola Ascoli, Baltimore, Maryland [After the session, she said that she could feel the negative energy being released from her body and positive energy flowing through it. She also said that she’d been to Reiki healers before but this session was the first time she could really feel energy healing working.]

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