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Do you feel more connected to the world “out there” than to your own inner self and your own inner wisdom? Is your attention always engaged with your computer, your smart phone or the wants and needs of others? Do you fear being alone with your thoughts and feelings and distract yourself constantly?

In our culture, we are so often taught to measure our worth by what we are doing and how busy we are. We are also taught that our negative feelings should be avoided. We are rarely encouraged to just be and allow ourselves to connect with our body and our emotions. However, taking time to simply be is how we touch into the part of us that is greater than our limited ideas of ourselves as individuals who have to do to be okay.

If you feel like you are stuck on a treadmill and you can’t get off, if you are not sleeping well, feeling stressed (due to health issues or life circumstances), are searching for a more conscious connection to the source of your being, God or true nature, or simply want more happiness, contentment and peace in your life, mindfulness meditation can help.

So, what is mindfulness meditation? It is simply the moment-to-moment being with whatever is arising for you without judgment, without getting caught up in the story your mind is telling you. It is an ongoing deepening into this moment, the only moment that you’ll ever have. Being truly present to what is present allows you to tap into inner resources that can transform this moment from something you want to escape from to a place of nurturing and support.

You can get a little taste of it right now. Just for a moment suspend all thought as you look around you. Notice that you don’t need thinking to take in the colors and shapes that come to you through your eyes. It can all be seen in a space of non-judgmental awareness. The red is no better or worse than the green, the round shape no better or worse than the square one. Notice any sounds in the same way, seeing how you don’t need to have an opinion about them to simply hear them.

Now bring you attention to your breath and let is be just as it is while letting your thoughts come and go without attaching to them. If your attention gets caught up in your thinking, gently bring it back to the breath, again and again without judgment. Try this for a few minutes and simply notice what happens.

If you want to learn more, come to one of my Mindfulness Circles here at Nourishing Journey or check out my website at for all of my offerings that can help you bring more peace, acceptance and clarity to your life.

Julie Klopp
Certified Living Inquiries Facilitator

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