Cornered by Cravings? Three Possible Causes

CakeWe’ve all been there. We’re working away at our desk; happily ticking boxes off our to-do lists, when suddenly it hits us – Must. Have. Chocolate. Without warning, our previously-composed day goes out the window, and our thoughts are nearly completely consumed by the vending machine down the hall. We’re better than this, we think to ourselves, we can ignore this! But once a craving hits, our willpower army is seemingly disarmed, and we so often see no option but to give in.

But where do these cravings come from, and is there any way out from under their spell? Here are three possible causes for why we get cornered by cravings:

1.   Wishing for Water
Our tissues are up to 75% water, so it’s no surprise that dehydration can bring on many strange body signals. Thirst will often manifest as hunger and cravings, so that need for nachos might just be your body’s way of begging you to take a sip. Or two. Or ten.

2.   Mining for Minerals
Craving dark chocolate? You could be lacking adequate levels of magnesium. Jonesin’ for sugary snacks? The culprit could be chromium. Oftentimes, specific food cravings are just our brain’s way of sending a message we’ll find difficult to ignore. And while giving into the temptation may feel good in the short term, adding more mineral-rich whole foods to your diet will have a more lasting effect.

3.   Ain’t that Swell(ing)
Ouch! Not just for sprained ankles and arthritis sufferers, inflammation can take many forms in the body; even manifesting as digestive issues, moodiness, binge eating, and yes, food cravings. Reducing your intake of pro-inflammatory, acid-forming foods such as sugar and refined grains can go a long way towards ridding you of those pesky cravings for good!

Studies have also linked food cravings to fluctuations within our stress hormones, neurotransmitters or personal microbiome (our gut bacteria).

Regardless of your specific craving patterns, there’s likely a physiological reason behind it; and as such, a way to conquer them once and for all!


Stephanie is a Holistic Health Coach who specializes in helping busy women honor themselves, their family, and their future by showing them how to streamline their life, eat better, create more energy, and make better decisions thus decreasing stress. Find out more at

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