Jennifer Palmer

Laughing Matters


A good, hard laugh does more than just make you feel good. It also lowers blood pressure and reduces your level of cortisol, your body’s stress hormone. In addition, laughing increases endorphins, your body’s natural pain killers. Laughing even activates T cells, an important component of your body’s immune system.  And get this — it can even tone your abs!

It’s really not so hard to make yourself laugh.  Have you ever begun laughing just because someone else is laughing even though you had no idea why they were laughing?  This is because laughing is contagious.  So one way to make yourself laugh is to seek out other people who are laughing or even a video of other people laughing.  Or you can look at silly cartoons or caricatures. You can also read a funny book or a comic strip.  Have you ever tried a “stare-down” with another person to see who laughs first?  It doesn’t take long for both people to burst out laughing.  If all else fails, you can just try forcing out a laugh in a physical way — sometimes this is the jumpstart you need to start the laughs rolling.  There doesn’t have to be a reason for the laughter.  Just let it happen.

Of course there are times when a situation we are experiencing is so serious that we need to allow ourselves time to grieve our losses and heal emotionally.  But even then, we may need a “break” from our seriousness.  Humor can be a very effective coping technique that gives our bodies a reprieve from the stress we experience when we encounter difficult times.  And like crying, laughing is cathartic, purging us of emotions that can overwhelm us when suppressed for too long.

So next time things are get too serious, don’t hesitate to lighten up with a good belly laugh.  It’ll do you good!


Diana Blake
Certified Professional Life Coach
New Leaf Coaching, LLC

Are you caught in the undertow?

underwater-1150045_1920I know this has been a rough year and the last few days have been very difficult for many.  I’d like to offer a (hopefully helpful and very humble) spiritually based perspective… an approach in dealing with these times of intense 3-D polarity to find our way to internal peace.  Take it or leave it – I just hope it helps in some way.

Why focus on internal peace instead of the external situation?  Internal peace spreads into external peace when those around us learn to follow our example.  When we hold that energy, it provides space and permission for others to do the same.

I was in meditation about all of this, and a vision of a wave came to me.  As I analyzed the wave, I observed that the wave could be really great if we are riding on top and seeing all of the beauty and the bigger picture of all-that-is.  Compassion and wisdom thrive in that space.

I also noticed that if we are pulled into the undertow of that wave, it can get chaotic, confusing and difficult very quickly and then it takes everything we have to keep from drowning.  This is where our limited earthly 3-D perspectives and judgments rule our experience.

Do you ever wonder how other really wonderful people can have such dramatically different points of view?  Well, it’s because we have all had very different experiences and have individual perspectives.  Literally, no two people see the world exactly the same way.  Some perspectives are more extreme than others, but they are all just points of view… mine, yours, theirs… we are creating a group consciousness that has become quite chaotic.  This is because we are putting our collective and individual energies into the undertow.

The word undertow means: any strong current below the surface, moving in a direction different from that of the surface current. Higher consciousness, compassion and peace flow in one direction on the surface, and that which prevents it flows in the undertow.

I truly believe that tough things happen for a deep and ultimately beautiful purpose.  Chaos is sometimes necessary to spur growth and healing, and it seems that the more healing we need, the more chaos is needed to stimulate that healing.  It doesn’t mean that we need to get caught up in the undertow of the chaos and we certainly don’t need to add energy to it.  We can keep putting our energies to the surface and rise above the chaos the best we can, helping others to do the same.

So, I encourage everyone to take a look at ways in which you are being caught in the undertow.  How are you responding to this chaos?  Are you adding chaotic energy by swimming in the under-current or are you helping to neutralize the chaos by rising to the surface?  We all have triggers on some level – pay attention to your triggers.  That is what needs healing inside of you.  This life seems to be more about what the triggers are bringing up to heal than it is about the trigger itself.  And, now is the perfect time for this healing to occur for and within all of us.

Let me know if I can help in any way – I am here for you.  Energy work is a powerful way to heal the triggers that are being experienced.  Meditation and exercise are also helpful, depending on how you prefer to process things.  Remember, the undertow doesn’t have to control you.

Finding Peace With Reiki

Reiki is a beautiful modality that can affect your life in so many ways.  Jim experienced profound peace with Reiki!  How can Reiki help you?

Detox With Clay

Have you ever used clay to detox?  Dr. Mark Sircus discusses how to use clay to reduce toxicity in the body. Clay can be used internally as a supplement to absorb toxins or externally to pull them out through your skin.  At Nourishing Journey, I am always suggesting the use of clay to my clients.

When used externally, it softens the skin and pulls toxins out of the body without putting stress on the liver and kidneys.  When taken internally, it acts like a sponge to grab toxins and take them out of the body.  I have had clients tell me that clay has expelled parasites, cleared up skin issues, helped with speech and learning in children, and improved results of heavy metal toxicity tests. What could clay do for you?

Anyone ready to get muddy?

Ummm, That’s Gross

This is what I hear every day when my clients look at the end result of their ionic foot baths.  How can that sludge possibly come out of your feet?  Ionic foot baths charge the water with a current slightly stronger than and the opposite polarity of the lymphatic system’s fluid.  It gently pulls clogged, toxic material from the vessels and nodes of your lymph system and gets things moving.

When my health was at its worst, my holistic physician told me that if I did nothing else, do ionic foot baths 3 times per week.  This one simple tool can be quite helpful!  I wasn’t sure I believed it could be so beneficial until I tried it for myself and my family.  I could see changes start to take place in our behaviors, moods, and physical health within a week.

Since I started providing ionic foot baths to clients, I have noticed several things:

  • Every person has different looking water at the end.  Some have thicker water, darker water, different colors, more flecks, or more bubbles.
  • Everyone’s water becomes less thick and less dark as they continue to receive sessions.
  • When someone goes on a specific cleanse to rid the body of liver toxins, candida or heavy metals, I see very specific changes in the water that correlate with the type of cleanse they are doing.
  • The better your diet and lifestyle, the more quickly the water will improve.
  • Clients have told me that they experience better sleep, calmer and more joyful emotions, less chronic pain, balanced hormones, better bowel movements, better focus, and fewer colds and allergies.

It’s one of those things you really need to experience to understand the hype.  It is a tool that I never want to be without, and I can tell when it’s time for me to have a session for myself.  It only takes a half hour and it makes a real difference.  Are you ready to try it?

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