Our Philosophy

Wellness Is A Journey

We all have our own individual challenges when it comes to our health and well-being.  Whether you are an avid natural health adventurer or just starting to see the potential benefits, there will always be a path in front of you.  How you travel down that path is a decision, a choice.

No matter where you are in your journey, the choice to live a vibrant life is only and always one step away.  Each day brings a new beginning and an opportunity for growth and healing.

How Vibrant Feels

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be truly healthy in every part of your being?  Have you felt the freedom that a vibrant life and body can give you?  Most of us have never experienced all that we can be.

A vibrant person:

  • Has steady energy and stamina
  • Sleeps soundly through the night
  • Wakes refreshed and energized
  • Has a generally positive outlook
  • Moves fluidly with little or no pain
  • Rarely gets sick with a cold or flu
  • Recovers quickly if they do get sick
  • Feels good about who they are
  • Has an internal sense of peace
  • Feels purpose in all that they do
  • Easily flows with life’s rhythm

The 3 layers

Physical symptoms in the body or in your life occur to get your attention.  When you see a physical symptom, you are looking at the top and most superficial layer of the issue. For example, if you experience that you have excess weight, the weight is the physical symptom that your body uses to get your attention.  If you go on a weight-loss diet, you are addressing the superficial layer only.  While there is nothing wrong with addressing symptoms on the physical layer, it’s really not getting to the root of the issue and you will likely gain weight back again.

Beneath the physical layer is the mental/emotional layer.  This is a great place to explore as many symptoms can be resolved by addressing traumas, repressed emotions and limiting or negative thoughts.  Healing your thoughts and emotions can literally change your life dramatically.  For the person trying to lose weight, it might be about exploring how the weight protects you.  Once that is healed, the weight will come off more easily and will stay off.

Then, underneath all of that is the spiritual/energetic layer.  Truly, everything you experience has spiritual roots.  If you can work in this layer, you will understand why you are experiencing physical symptoms from a much higher and broader perspective.  This is where you understand the soul level reasons why you are having an experience, and it’s where permanent healing takes place.  For the person trying to lose weight, it might be a soul level lesson on self love.

When you address all 3 layers in your healing journey, you are healing at your very core.  Because everything is so connected, you also tend to heal other areas of difficulty in your life as well.  So, give us a call and let’s dive in!

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