Robyn Wolf

Robyn Wolf
Psychic Medium, Tarot Card reader, Reiki Master, Ordained Minister, Artist, and Photographer

Robyn, Psychic Medium, Tarot Card reader, Reiki Master, Ordained Minister, Artist, and Photographer, received her training at The Journey Within and Morris Pratt Institute, as well as Arthur Findlay College in the UK. Robyn has had a gift of communicating with those that have crossed over since she was very young. She hears, sees and feels, smells and tastes – using whatever mode of communication that Spirit wishes for her to use. Connecting with your guides and your loved ones in the Spirit World for the purpose of emotional healing or bringing unfinished business to a close, Robyn will also give you guidance regarding relationships, career, family, health, and other issues of importance to you. Robyn also comforts people before they cross over. A practicing healer, both spiritual and Reiki, Robyn does absentee healings as well as hands on and will pray for those that request prayer.
Robyn is available for private appointments, energy healing, meditation classes, art workshops, phone readings, parties, and intuitive development classes.

Services Provided:

  • 60 min Psychic Tarot Card Reading
  • 60 min Rune Readings
  • 60 min Mediumship Reading
  • 60 min Spiritual Guidance


To Schedule:

  • phone:    (410) 992-3001
  • email:
  • Same day appointment not available

Office Hours: Q & A

What Clients are saying:

“She’s absolutely amazing ……told me very personal information no one could have known. She just met me that day!!!!”

“She’s excellent….met me that day ……I told a friend of mine something I wanted to hear in the reading …….not only did she tell me exactly what I wanted ……but she knew things… one knew and we’d met for the first time…!!!!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!”

“I’ll be honest. My friends and family all love to get readings. Myself, I am uneasy and skeptical of the practice for my own life. I was with my Mother while she had a reading from Robyn and it was amazing. Things my Mother told me she had secretly asked (not out loud) were all answered for her as Robyn turned the cards. Also, things my Mother and I have been discussing and planning for our future were brought out in the open. I really was surprised by how incredible it was. Also, besides any of that, Robyn is a very warm and professional person. I wouldn’t want anyone else to read me. This was a great experience. I know my family and friends will be repeat customers.”

“I had my 1st phone reading with Robyn, and I felt like I was in the room. She is very gifted and I have 100% faith in what she tells me. I trust her immensely. I have had readings in the past with other people, and most of the time I felt that they were feeding off of what I was saying and not actually using any power. With Robyn, I knew almost right away that the reading was real and very spot on.”

“I met Robyn by chance. I was at a bad place and you know how they say God gives you what you need! I never had my cards read before. I had no idea if this would help. Robyn was amazing and told me things I have not shared with people! I couldn’t believe it! Things she has told me that we’re going to happen are falling into place! Fantastic personality and wonderful caring person! Thank you Robyn!!!!!!!”


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