Marnie Hansen

Marnie Hansen
Connect to Center® Founder, Quantum Soul Coach, Master Healer with the Deities


Connect to Center® Founder
A Divinely-guided woman, Marnie brings you to your own remarkable insights and new exciting levels of awareness.  Her body of work, known as Connect to Center® focuses on the conscious reclamation of your authentic self and provides the tools and mentoring necessary for Living Life from the Inside Out. She teaches numerous classes at her Holistic Studio, is a guest instructor at various events and locations throughout the US and holds private Soul Coaching Sessions and Master Healing Encounters.

Connect To Center®

Connect to Center is a body of work that was divinely downloaded to Marnie through dream, meditation and journaling over 15 years ago. It is about connecting to your center, your heart, your infinite being and Living Life from that space. She was taught the theory of the MerKaBa and Divine Human Template through these downloads and has anchored an enormous amount of Light, Knowledge and Information that she vibrationally shares at every event.

Soul Connection Sessions

Vibrational Healing Sessions Using a broad spectrum of energy, light & information along with Presence of Angels, Masters and Spirit Guides, these one hour sessions with Marnie can feel like a Godsend of Relief, Renewal and Connection to your wellbeing & greater Self. Available in person or as a remote healing… $99

Angel & Spirit Guidance Sessions There is such a great feeling that comes when we are able to get out of our heads, connect with our hearts and discuss our Divine Plan. These 60 minute Guidance Sessions bring in your higher Self, your Angelic and Spiritual Support team for a pow wow on where you are at, where you can go and what’s needed to get there. Beautifully clarifying. Available via Studio, Video Conference or phone… $123

Wisdom Soul Session Using a variety of resources; your Higher Self, Angels, Spiritual Support Team and a whole lotta love, Marnie brings insights, healing and reclamation of your authentic self through these 60min Soul Connection Sessions. These sessions are highly interactive, utilize the MerKaBa and produce great tools for your self-help toolbox. Available in person or via Video Conference…$136.

Master Healing with the Deities

Unlike anything you might have experienced before, these sessions bring in your Higher-Self and a Host of Divine Beings to bring you along on the path of the embodiment of Heaven on Earth. Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Healings are not at all uncommon in these sessions. You will witness the Deities presence. 60min…….$509


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