Letitia Short, M.D.

Letitia Short, M.D., LLC
Medical Director
Functional Medicine Practice

Integrative and Environmental Medicine Specialist


Dr. Short is an integrative physician, specializing in environmental medicine, who has been practicing medicine since 1989, and she will be joining Nourishing Journey in November.  She has had extensive experience studying under some of the best integrative doctors in Maryland.  She has learned from and worked side by side with doctors who specialize in treating Lyme disease, mold exposure, autism, allergies and heavy metal exposure.  Her specialty is helping patients of all ages recover from environmental illness.

She has an engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University and a medical degree from Harvard Medical School. Dr. Short strongly feels that combining traditional and alternative approaches result in the best outcomes for her patients. Another key component to Dr. Short’s success is her commitment to patient education and the development of a partnership with her patient to best optimize health.

Services Offered:

  • Hours: Mondays from 9 am- 3pm
  • Price list
  • We do not bill insurace; ICD and CPT codes will be provided for you to submit to insurance

Services Provided:

  • Chronic Illnesses (uncovering and treating the etiologies)
  • Biochemical Evaluations
  • Treating Lyme disease and Co-infections
  • Evaluating Children with Developmental Delays
  • Laboratory testing that maybe suggested:
    –Quest Diagnostics
    –Boston Heart
    –Doctors Data
    other labs…


To Schedule:

  • phone:    (410) 992-3001
  • email:     info@nourishing-journey.com
  • Same day appointment not available

Office Hours or more questions:   Q&A

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