Katie Morton

Katie Morton
Willpower Coach
So many of us want to get healthier. We might even know what we’re supposed to do, and yet we can’t seem to stop self-sabotaging. Maybe you struggle with your weight, with drinking, or with procrastinating. I understand, and I’m here to help.

For most of my life, I struggled with my weight. Even when I was younger and looked like I was in good shape, there was a lot of yo-yo dieting going on. No one could have known what I was going through: the calorie counting, the binges…always feeling like I was a second away from snapping and giving up. Sometimes after a period of restriction, I would overeat, only to wake up feeling guilty the next day. I vowed to do better, and the struggle to keep my weight under control raged on.

As I got older and life got more complicated, I found myself adding alcohol to my food struggles. I loved how a cold glass of Chardonnay made it so much easier to eat naughty foods because it numbed my guilt! Plus, a glass of wine after a hard day helped numb negative emotions.

By my late 30s, I’d had enough. I was beginning to worry about my health and the toll that drinking and being overweight was taking on my body. But even after I’d made the decision to change my ways and get healthy for good, I floundered and failed. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t “make myself” behave.

As a journalist for Discovery Communications, I began to research and write about the psychology and neuroscience of habit formation and willpower. I learned why we crave alcohol and certain foods, and how to beat those cravings. I learned ways in which we need to change our lives in order to feel fulfilled and to stop struggling with unwanted behaviors like drinking or overeating.

While learning everything I could about willpower, I applied the research to my own life. I began to feel in control of my weight and my behavior. Bonus: My studies taught me how to become happier and to gain more satisfaction in life.

It’s my mission in life to help others heal their issues around unwanted behaviors so they can get happier and healthier, too. I coach clients on the complicated nuances of willpower in a way that’s memorable and easy to apply to their own lives.

Today, I coach clients from all walks of life. I help my clients feel:

  • Happier
  • Healthier
  • Fitter
  • More in control of their lives and their choices
  • Like they are living on purpose, rather than pushed around by circumstances.

Katie Morton is the author of Secrets of People With Extraordinary Willpower.

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