Jennifer Palmer

Jennifer Palmer
Owner of Nourishing Journey and Holistic Metamorphosis® Founder
Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy, Wellness and Detox Coach, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Karuna® Reiki Master/Teacher, I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Access Consciousness™ Bars Practitioner

Jenn6I was the average American eating foods with little nutrition, feeling tired and in pain most of the time, having significant digestive issues, chemically sensitive yet constantly poisoning my body, ignoring my need for growth and wondering why my health was deteriorating so quickly.  At the same time, I was facing the realization of having one child on the autism spectrum and one with allergies, asthma and eczema.

I asked myself the fundamental question… “Why are we so sick?  This isn’t normal.”  I looked to conventional wisdom in hopes that one of the many doctors that I went to see would have an answer.  It took years of searching, but I found that most only had answers for symptom management.  I wanted true, deep and complete healing.  I turned to an alternative approach and found answers.

In the process of taking responsibility for our health and life, we found that following a nutrient dense traditional diet, detoxification strategies, homeopathy, certain supplements, spiritual development and energy work produced great results for us.  I have developed a passion for exploring the spiritual aspects of healing, and I always strive to serve my clients by helping them heal the deepest roots possible for their health concerns.  I have learned many modalities and plan to learn many more in an effort to be as well rounded as possible in my healing approach.

My mission is to pass on the gift that I have received… to help others take responsibility for their life and to guide and nourish them on their journey.


Services Offered:

  • Wellness and Detox Consultation
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Ionic Footbath
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Soft Chamber
  • Energy Healing- Holistic Metamorphosis, Access Consciousness Bars, Reiki, Life Force Healing, Chakra Balancing
  • Healing Activation Program- 12 week individualized plan and support to address specific issues
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To Schedule:

  • phone:    (410) 992-3001
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What clients are saying:

“You touch lives, you heal hearts, you expand minds, you guide souls, you awaken spirits, you offer a nourishing journey 🙂 and you walk with so many thru some deep [stuff] yet you are filled with such passion, love, care, belief, wisdom, kindness, light and grace.”

“I want to be perfectly honest—I don’t know what I (or my entire family for that matter) would have done without Jenn Palmer.  She is the soul of compassion, wisdom, integrity and so much more.  Jenn’s combination of compassion along with her energy sensing/healing abilities (which are huge) is awesome, amazing and profound.  Her energy sessions have helped me not only heal physically but also emotionally and spiritually.  When there were periods of storms going on in my life recently, Jenn was there to help me make sense of it all and helped me to actually heal and grow as a person.  My entire family now goes to Jenn, and I even recommended her to my mom-in-law!  And my mom-in-law couldn’t stop singing her praises once she went to her.  Jenn is quite simply, the best!!!”

“Having the opportunity to work with Jennifer in the 12 week program was a prayer for healing being answered. Dealing with symptoms of an autoimmune condition, I found that many aspects of my life were negatively impacted. Jennifer walks step by step with you through this incredible protocol, that places the power of healing in your own hands.  She combines food therapy, emotional and physical detoxification and spiritual healing in a graceful and concise way. Jennifer’s approach to healing is pure, wise and nurturing, is beautifully well rounded and is by far the most holistic that I’ve experienced. Her energy work is the most advanced in sensing and clearing. Thank you for your devotion to healing and sharing your bright light.”

“In just three months, Jennifer has helped me take quantum leaps in healing. She individualized a detox program to accelerate the healing of mold and Lyme. Her Zyto machine helped us both see the progress and determine what else may be needed. These supports for the physical body were life altering, but for me the most powerful work of all is Jennifer’s healing energy treatments! She helped me face one of the deepest patterns that has kept this illness alive. With the grace of her energy work and her utmost compassion, I am in the process of beginning a new way to be on this planet.”

“Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable in so many healing modalities. I have received various treatments from her. As well, I have studied Reiki with her. She is one of the most patient, professional, and gifted people that I know in her field.   Anyone who works with her, or for her, should be honored by the privilege of doing so.”

“Hi Jennifer!  Just wanted to send a note letting you know how impressed my daughter & I were of your facilities & the work you are doing there.  We weren’t sure what to expect but are both VERY happy with the results & appreciated the level of positive energy that we experienced. We will definitely be back & will spread the word.  Thank you also for all of the wonderful information you provided.  You & your family are very special people!”

“My day of detox at Nourishing Journey was wonderful! Jennifer managed to fit so many healing treatments into our time together, and was very supportive of me during the process. She was very knowledgeable and instantly put me at ease. The time went quickly as I moved from one activity to the next. I feel like I’ve been nourished in body, mind, and spirit. It was the perfect way to jump-start my health program and I intend to do another detox in the spring.”

“The detox week was FANTASTIC.  It was part luxurious and part hard work.  I learned so much and felt so well cared for.  Thank you so much for your loving and perceptive care.  Thank you for all your professional planning and creativity on my behalf.”

“Jennifer Palmer is currently working with my two children, 13 yr old daughter emotionally charged teenager with attention deficit and 8 yr old son diagnosed with autism.  Within a week of taking the recommended remedy, we are seeing noticeable changes in my daughter – emotionally.  She is more peaceful, calm, and willing to work on issues with me and my husband.

Our son who is much affected with autism is more calm, focused, and engaged with activities in his class.  Teachers have noticed this as well.  After years of taking many supplements recommended by doctors, we have been able to slowly reduce them as he no longer needs them.  I am excited to continue on this journey with Jennifer and appreciate her insight to helping my children.”

“My son, Ryan, who suffers from depression and digestive issues has found noticeable relief from his depression after seeing Jenn Palmer for a couple of months now for Reiki Therapy.  I don’t completely understand how it works but seeing is believing.  He is a happier person after he has gotten Reiki Therapy.  Jenn Palmer is truly a caring and gifted healer.”

“I’ve been working with Jenn on improving my personal overall health.  Her broad knowledge and kind demeanour put you on a path to long term healing. Whether it’s homeopathy, reiki, mercury or general detox, or nutritional guidance, I am in good hands and feel the results.”

“I began seeing Jenn Palmer of Nourishing Journey for Reiki. After just one session, a pain I was experiencing in my right shoulder/back began to subside dramatically. Because of my success I decided to bring my autistic son to Jenn for homeopathic consult and footbath detoxification. We began seeing improvement with his cognitive functions and when my youngest son began to get ill, I had Jenn give him a homeopathic remedy which stopped the progress of the illness. We will continue to use Jenn for our general health.”


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