Bryan Nupp

Bryan Nupp, RYT 200
Integral Yoga certified instructor

Bryan J. Nupp, is a traditionally trained Integral Yoga Instructor, registered and certified with Yoga Alliance with his RYT 200 designation. His teaching experience ranges from yoga with children to working with seniors. He completed his training in an immersive experience, living at Satchidananda Ashram, Yogaville, for three months, living, breathing and studying the branches of yoga day and night.

This experience paired with Bryan’s cumulative experience as a student to the many different styles of yoga shows in his authentic and compassionate approach. He offers private yoga sessions with the intention of supporting your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, and customizing your yoga experience.  In his own words, “Yoga is much more than physical exercise. Yoga is a way of living.”

The benefits of having the teacher one on one are so many. Many people are interested in Yoga, and are well aware of the healing, strengthening and stress reducing benefits. It is the duty of the yoga instructor to share the teachings and techniques of yoga in a safe, mindful and clear way and to always support and encourage students wherever they are at.The benefit of having the teacher one on one, or in a small group, is that you have the instructor’s full attention and focus. This interactive style enables the instructor to make personal adjustments and modifications to really customize your yoga experience. This allows for the maximum benefit and natural development of your practice.

If you’re not quite comfortable to step into the class and want a little bit of background info on yoga, the poses, or meditation, a few private classes would be great for you!If you feel like you need a lot of modifications or want extra attention to correcting your form, having a private instructor allows you to get back to the mat with renewed vitality.
The experience of having a private instructor vs. dropping into a class is that you are thoroughly educated and given a yoga routine that is designed for you wherever you are at. You are being given the tools that you need specifically to develop and grow based on wherever you are at!
There’s also something special about receiving a private yoga class with a best friend, or significant other, and many couples choose yoga as a healthy activity to rekindle their relationship, growing ever closer to each other, to good health, and to the Peace within.

Some of the most common benefits from a balanced yoga practice.

-Muscles are stretched, and strengthened (reduced inflammation)

-Internal Organs are massaged and toned (increased digestive assimilation, increased metabolism, increased immune function)

-Engagement of Parasympathetic Nervous System, the deep relaxation response (reduce stress and release stored tension from physical and emotional body)

-More Positive Outlook on Life, Greater Happiness and Well-Being on a day to day basis

-Learning to train the mind, increasing concentration and awareness while reducing stress and mental fatigue.
-Cultivation of Self-Discipline, Respect, Love, Present-Living, Joyfulness, Contentment Truthfulness, Purity and Generosity.

Themes of Yoga Personal Training:

Integral Yoga: A Traditional and Spiritually Connected Form of Yoga Practice created by Swami Satchidananda.
Yoga for the Peaceful Warrior:  A blend of meditation training ,  body weight exercise, and connecting with your core strength.
Restorative Yoga for Deep Relaxation: For those looking for a deep release and experience of restoration.
Custom Training: Create a plan for your body type and interests, wherever you are at on the journey to wellness.

Also Included:
-90 min initial Consultation to assess individual client needs.
-All the props you need for practice (Available to borrow or purchase)
-Resources and information to further your education and awareness

Service Provided:

  • Yoga Classes – see Nourishing Journey Events through meetup
  • Personal training and Private Sessions

To Schedule:

What Clients are saying:


It was fantastic !! I feel 20yrs younger after doing Restorative Yoga. Bryan is a very good instructor, he creates a very relaxing and caring environment . I’m looking forward to the next 3 classes !!

A great gift from you and an even better one for myself. Thank you!

We loved it Bryan, thank you!

Great class! Look forward to the next 3 weeks.

Thank you Bryan. This was an excellent class



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